Feathered Obsessions
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Wild vs. Golden Pearl?

I am often asked what the difference is between Wild and Golden Pearl color mutations. It is a color mutation I see disputed a lot in many of the color conversations.

The wild coloration is the original color that these wonderful quail were in the wild.

The Golden Pearl I have often heard called "lacy" and is a lighter, straw color. The chicks at hatch are a much lighter color as well. As adults the golden pearl have a golden straw color that I find to be lighter than the wild color and the "lacy" pattern covers the birds, escpecially in hens.

The lacing pattern can also be seen in other colors such as cinnamon and silver.

The Wild hen on the left has a much darker color. The Wild hen also has a much different feather pattern on her sides and back. The Golden Pearl hen on the right has a rounded lacing pattern all the way towards her back.

Golden Pearl chick on the top
Wild colored chick on the bottom

Wild colored chick on the left.
Golden Pearl chick on the right.
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