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Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkey

(Meleagris gallopavo)

The wild turkey is a robust bird with incredibly distinctive features. It is the heaviest member of the Galliformes family. Though adorned with an extravagant fan of feathers sheening with golds, reds, blues, and greens the turkey is most notably remembered for the caruncles, snood, and waddles it features. The males (called a tom or gobbler) fleshy adornments turn blue when excited and red when he is ready to fight. The tom also has a group of modified feathers called a beard protruding from his chest. These feathers are like coarse hair. Females (called a hen) typically do not display the beard  though approx. 15% of hens will have a much smaller version. Sexual Dimorphism is abundantly evident in turkeys.

Wild turkeys tend to prefer Open woodlands and Savannas type areas. They spend much time under the canopy of trees. Turkeys will perch though heavy mature toms do not as much. Hens will nest on the ground in brush and lay 10-14 eggs.

Average Size: Tom 10-24 lbs  Hen 5.5-12lbs
Hatching Time: 28 days

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