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Frequently Asked Questions

"Do you sell eggs, birds, chicks?"

I'm sorry. We keep birds as a hobby not a large scale ranch. We do not raise birds to sell although occasionally we do have additional stock available we do not have hatchery quanities.

"Where do you get the pictures on this site?"

We take our own photographs for the website. We obviously aren't photographers but we personally never can get enough pictures nor information so we put the pictures up despite our lacking photography skills and hope others will "forgivingly" enjoy viewing. 
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"I would like to keep quail for eggs? Which species would be best"

I personally would suggest Coturnix if you are wanting quail for egg production. They are a mild mannered bird, they have a larger sized egg than others, they lay more prolifically, they mature faster and can lay as early as 6 weeks old.

"I keep my Chinese Blue Breasted Quail in single pairs but my hen still is plucking the feathers out of the males back?"

"Arranged Marriages" for quail do not always work. You may need to try another pairing. Also, Stress can cause feather plucking in button quail. If a hen has been laying an egg everyday she maybe stressed to the point of aggression. Try to dim the lighting slowly till they are only on for 11 hours a day. The female will feel like it is the winter season and slow laying. This will enable her to retain more calcium and lower her stress levels. After a month return them to the normal lighting cycle. Checking for Mites should also not be excluded. 

"I have a still air incubator and the chicks don't hatch together at the same time. What could be wrong?"

Still air incubators can have hot spots because the air doesn't get circulated. Some eggs maybe hotter than others and  some eggs may have developed faster or slower because of the temperature where they have been placed. Allow the eggs to sit in the incubator for a few extra days to make sure they all have a chance to hatch. You may also consider purchasing an incubator fan to install in your incubator to have a more even air temperature.

"I would like to hatch out game birds to release in my area to help the wild population..."

Wild game bird populations in many areas are low and this is a common concern. In many areas it is illegal to release captive raised birds, however, in many areas there are programs and licensing set up with the local governing agencies that will allow you to help wild populations. One of the reasons this is strictly regulated is the captive birds come in contact with many diseases and maybe carriers that are not affected by the disease because of immunity build ups and medicated feeding. If a carrier bird is released it can devastate local, wild populations as they have never been exposed to many of diseases your captive raised birds may have. Contact your local governing agency and identify your regions regulations and breeding licensing available. 

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