Feathered Obsessions
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Coturnix Quail

(Coturnix japonica)

***Coturnix do not have a hunting season in the USA but I have included them here because of their use in bird hunting and training dogs.

The Coturnix is a great quail for quick growth. They hatch in just 18 days, can lay eggs when they are 6 weeks old, and are a well matured size by 12 weeks. Compared to other quail species these quail are the fastest for meat and egg production. They also seem to be less flighty than many of the native species and are often referred to as the chicken of the quail world. I think these are a great quail for classroom projects because of their quick growth and mild temperment. They are known by many names, Pharaoh Quail , Japanese Quail , English Whites (smaller white version), Texas A&M (large white coturnix) , and more.

 Weight: Up to an illusive 16 oz

Hatching Time: 18 days

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