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 Chukar , Ringneck Pheasant
Bobwhite , Coturnix , Valley Quail
" Button " Quail

Chinese Blue Breasted Quail egg on left next to a Coturnix Quail Egg on right.

 Stress and disease can cause hens to have complications laying eggs causing them to become egg bound as well as cause deformities of the eggs.

Multiple colors and shapes of eggs from various species.

 Green and blue colored eggs can be a sign of stress in Chinese Blue Breasted Quail. Usually odd colored eggs shells are fairly thin.

colored chick has what is often referred to as  splayed legs. When he hatched he fell off the hatching shelf onto a flat metal ledge. The fall was short and not harmful but the chick was not able to grip the metal shelf and displaced his hips. The second picture is after his legs were bandaged in an effort to correct the displacement.

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