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Button Quail Colors

There are many color mutations of the original wild form of Chinese Blue Breasted Quail. Unfortunately, there is not a set of standards for them and the same color may be called many different things. Also, there are new variations and combinations being bred continuously. Here are photos of the basic color mutations.

 If you are wanting more help to identify
male from female there are some tips and color traits on our sexing page.

For help to identify the color of your chicks we also have a chick identification page that shows the chicks down and the adult plumage it will grow into.

We have been collecting a few pictures as the chicks grow up so you can see the chicks colors through all of their changes into adult plumage.
You can see their progressions on our 
Watch Me Grow pages.

Pink Eyed Dilute 

Pink eyed dilute is a mutation I do not have a lot of experience with and unfortunately not a lot of photographs of.

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