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Button Quail Care

 Chinese Blue Breasted Quail can be a wonderful addition to your home and aviaries. It is important to understand their particular needs and how you can meet those needs.

There have been misconceptions for sometime about their food , housing, and mating that are only now becoming clearer.

One misconception has been that they can eat and be content to eat only the seed that parakeets and finches drop, however their diet requires not only more food in most cases but a higher protein as well. A bird that has been kept soley on those feeds may look as though it is thriving but a huge difference can be seen when placed next to a bird receiving proper nutrition.

Another misconception is that they can be housed in colonies and trios. Being a monogamous bird in the wild it is best to house them as a monogamous pair in captivity as well. It is possible to have them caged in larger groups but in most cases it ends in injury to the birds.

Furthering education and information into the lives of these tiny quail has made owning them a much more rewarding experience for all. 

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