Feathered Obsessions
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Bobwhite Quail

(Colinus virginianus)

Bobwhite quail have a particularly beautiful song that has gained them their name. Two short chirps and a longer whistle are said to sound like bob-bob-white. Their colors blend well into their native lands and when still can be nearly impossible to be seen. Unfortunately disease, habitat loss, and over hunting have lead to a decline in many regions. Conservation efforts have been made in many areas to bring the wild populations back up to par and they seem to do well in most of these programs. They have won the hearts of many and have been named the official game bird of Georgia and Tennessee.

Typically they live in larger family groups called coveys. In captivity to keep them in family groups they need to be well managed and have plenty of room because of aggressive behaviors.

Average Weight: 5-6 oz

Hatching time: 23 days

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