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We are a family with a big love for our feathered friends.
Our love for 
Chinese Blue Breasted Quail
 ( A.K.A. Button Quail ) has become an obsession we'd love to share with you.

We take pride in raising our birds with the best stock available keeping healthy, unrelated breeding stock to ensure the future of our lines. We would like to share with you information on incubating eggs, raising chicksidentifying button quail chick colors , housing ,
and feeding. These tiny little birds have so many misconceptions to them, but with proper information they can be a true joy. Feel free to ask any questions you can't find the answers for!

There is not an official set standard for colors of Chinese Blue Breasted Quail but we have put up some of the very basic colors as well as a chick color idetification page to help you identify the chicks adult plumage.

Please do enjoy the many 
pictures and videos of our various birds, but kindly keep in mind that we are NOT photographers. We just enjoy seeing photographs and hope you will too.

We are constantly adding new pictures and information. Check back as we continue to create and update this site!

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